Enjoy the toe tapping beat of old time blues and jug music!
August 2010
Dear Friends,
Brotherhood of the Brooklyn Jugs
August 14th and 15th will bring the return of four Brooklyn Jugs members, two of whom are also members of The Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, in the hybrid band The Brotherhood of the Brooklyn Jugs.  We will be performing and toe tapping in Herb Garden Weekend from 1 to 4 pm at Brooklyn Botanic Garden's newly constructed herb garden. 
Brotherhood of the Brooklyn Jugs
Come on down to hear jug music and get a fantastic tour of the herb garden with a naturalist who can answer all your questions on homegrown herbs.
The Brooklyn Jugs
If you've been missing the Brooklyn Jugs, the band (including Perfesser Zeke Leonard!) will be having a REUNION SHOW as part of the 7th Annual Brooklyn Country Music Festival at Southpaw.  We will be wrapping up the festival Sunday night, September 12th.
Enjoy the rest of your summer.  Can't wait to see you at our shows!

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