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The Service Road was featured in NY Daily News, Brooklyn Daily Eagle, TimeOut New York, Brooklyn Based, and is a Village Voice Choice and NYC-Arts Editors' Pick.  Reviewers' praise includes:
  • "The production is a luscious treat for your eyes and ears... (a) mature reflection on the residual guilt many adults feel on surviving a difficult childhood." – Cultural Capitol
  • The production's exploration of how we cope with our inner demons feels haunting and genuine." – New York Theatre Review
  • "...we the audience elicited audible gasps at branches dropping in the wind, dead geese plummeting to the stage, and chilling wind sounds, all bringing the desolation vividly to life. ... a beautiful art piece .... Performance/modern art and multimedia buffs will love this production..." – Brooklyn Exposed
Now is your chance to see what everyone is talking about.  We only have five performances left.
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Our series of post-performance talk backs continues, moderated by Andy Buck.
Thursday,  January 17th:  The Sounds of The Service Road
Saturday,  January 19th:  Integrating Technology
Field Notes from The Service Road
A ferocious storm hits Prospect Park.  The once peaceful service road turns strange as a nature guide attempts to find a lost child.  On her quest she meets the denizens of one of the few natural places left in a large city.  The nature guide is a modern day Hercules trying to do penance for a very bad thing she had done when she was out of her mind.  Obie award winning playwright (Map of Virtue) Erin Courtney examines what it means to be of service and the true nature of forgiveness.  Director Meghan Finn seamlessly blends Erin's sparse poetic language with the highly visual multi-media spectacle that you've come to expect from Adhesive Theater Project.
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 1 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 2 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 3
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 4 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 5 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 6
Adhesive Theater Project
In residence at The New York City College of Technology presents:
The Service Road
by Erin Courtney
Directed by Meghan Finn
Featuring  Cory Einbinder*, Kalle Macrides
Claire Moodey and Caroline Tamas
With live foley by Mark Bruckner and Claire Moodey
Voorhees Theater
New York City College of Technology (CUNY)
186 Jay St, DUMBO, Brooklyn
Map & Directions
Only Five More Performances:
Thursday   January 17th 7:30pm
Friday January 18th 7:30pm
Saturday January 19th 2:00pm
Friday February 1st 7:30pm
Saturday February 2nd   2:00pm
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or by calling 1-800-838-3006 (toll free)
$15 general     $6 students
Meet Our Creative Staff
Composer, Sound Designer, and live Foley Mark Bruckner
talks about creating sound and music for The Service Road
Claire Moodey's Biographical Sketch
“A breezy bucolic day in Prospect Park with trees rustling, cicadas buzzing, starlings and meadow birds cheeping; the rumble and roar of a tornado ripping down trees as it whirls through the park; gurgle and spew of erupting Port-a-potties; the phantasmic howl of a ghost dog that lures a big-headed toddler toward the haunted grounds of a Quaker cemetery.  These are a few of the soundscapes that I and my mutli-talented musical partner, Claire Moodey, get to conjure in real-time for Erin Courtney's harrowing and heart-breaking new play, The Service Road.  To match the wide gamut of technical invention employed in this production, we have wed the traditional percussive arts of Foley – bricolage of feathers, rattles, tongue drums, detuned auto-harp, a duduk, and more – with the shifting sonic textures of keyboard synthesis, phased looping, and surround sound technology.  Director Meghan Finn, who brilliantly weaves all the elements of this narrative together, let us play and get wild during the rehearsal process to discover the sonic palette of the show.  That was a blessing.  I believe sound is the element that can most powerfully and kinetically ground an audiences' experience while getting them to breathe with the rhythm of a play.  But music is the spirit that moves us.  And I am most proud of the musical language we've discovered for this production, which compositionally merges the sensibilities of early 1990s grunge (e.g. Hole) with fragments and motifs from an iconic Joni Mitchell song.  One of my favorite moments in the play is accompanying Lia's unfolding soliloquy as she recounts the story that has left her searching and suffering on The Service Road.  It has been an absolute joy collaborating with Erin, Meghan, Cory, Kalle, puppeteer-actress Caroline Tamas and all of the gifted artists, teachers, staff and students of The New York City College of Technology.  I hope you will come and join us on this beautiful journey...”
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Cory Einbinder
Artistic Director
Kalle Macrides
Executive Director
Adhesive Theater Project

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