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April 28 - May 22
Teatro LA TEA at Clemente Soto Valez Cultural Center

Reviewed by Rachael Roberts

Chantecler, now playing at Teatro La Tea, is a beautiful play about following your heart and being true to your inspiration. And director Cory Einbinder is true to his heart in this wonderfully inspired show. Normally, a Puppet Show does not register high on my NewYorkCool meter, but Chantecler has some truly amazing and innovative "puppets" as well as a live band, a different artist nightly (for set dressing) and a wonderful cast.

The puppets in Chantecler are awesome. There were only a handful that were uninspired and considering that there over 75 unique characters, that is no small feat. The most impressive were the owls with their large metal masks and glowing eyes. One of which had large wings that expanded out gloriously as he flew off into the night. Another fantastic puppet (played by the wonderful Josh McLane) was the Peacock, a disco-peacock with fabulous blue feathers and a glittery

In addition to the fabulous "animals" onstage, there was a great 3-man string band that played live all night, adding to the richness of the show. And to round it all out, they had an artist, Johnathan Zagg, (the artists rotate nightly) who was set-dressing live. Zagg would add details to the "farm", such as a flying balloon or a frog that were painted and projected live throughout the night. It was quite
wonderful to have so much live sensory action.

It really is a fun show, and the cast was just great, most of them embodying 3-4 different animals. Josh McLane was truly stellar as the Grand Duke (owl) and the
wildly entertaining Peacock. Orion Taraban had a strong performance as the charasmatic Chantecler and Kalle Macbrides was quite charming as the Pheasant. It was a strong cast and an enjoyable show.

The play was a bit on the long side (2 1/2 hours or so) and it "wandered" a bit in the middle. But all in all it was an enjoyable family show with spectacular puppets.

Written by Edmond Rostand, translated by Kay Nolte Smith and directed by Cory Einbinder. Presented by: Adhesive Theater Project in association with Off the Leesh Productions.

Tickets are $18, please call 212-353-3101 (or online via

Teatro LA TEA at Clemente Soto Valez Cultural Center |107 Suffolk Street
(Between Delancey and Rivington Street)


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