This is the Way the World Ends:
T. S. Eliot's
Sweeney Agonistes
The Rock

Murder Scene

"adventurous...unflaggingly inventive and sharply acted"
The Village Voice January 26, 1999

Sweeney Agonistes

Designed and Directed by Edward Einhorn

Original Music by Mark Semsel

Cosutme Design by Asiel Kneeland


John Allman (Piano Player/HORSFALL)
Peter Brown (KLIPSTEIN)
Daniel Leventritt (SWEENEY)
Julia Martin (DORIS)
Jennifer Mercien (DUSTY)
Daniel Norton (KRUMPACKER)
Christopher Roberts (SAM WAUCHOPE)

The Rock

Directed and designed by Ian W. Hill


Irving Gregory

Michelle Enfield

Erinnesse is tall and angry
Zoe Hunter is studious and cynical
Kalle Macrides is rather hopeful (naive?)
Debbie Troche is definitely in charge

Michaelangelo Barasorda is Christopher Wren at one point
Richard Brennan is featured as The Plutocrat
Michael Bruno is an Agitator, mostly
Shannon Gannon is the Fighting Priest Who Can Talk to the Young (almost always)
Greg Paroff is sometimes a Religious Nationalist
Michelle Primeaux is Millicent in a funny scene
Gabe Samrock is the Major in that funny scene
Sarah Sims is Mrs. Poultridge, also in that same scene

Artistic Director: Edward Einhorn
Producing Director: David A. Einhorn

"Visually stunning"
Backstage February 5, 1999

"I really, really liked Sweeney Agonistes...with a wonderful performance by Julia Martin."
"Hi! Drama", on channel 57, January 22, 1999

"[The Rock's] lovely candle-lit ending hauntingly evokes...the dramatist's quest for an authentic spiritual life"
The Village Voice January 26, 1999

"...a frantic Post-post modern production that would make Robert Wilson or Richard Foreman blush"
Theatre Wire January 1999

Presented at The Washington Square United Methodist Church, January 7-30

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