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Mission Statement
Adhesive Theater Project binds the arts through the bonds of collaboration.  We are dedicated to working with artists in a broad range of fields – from fashion designers to scientists, illustrators to engineers – to create experimental, multidisciplinary work.  By challenging these artists to work in the theater we create new perspectives for live performance.  By integrating live music, visual arts, and technological innovations with metaphor and narrative storytelling we create epic experiences that excite the audience's imagination.
Origins of Adhesive Theater Project
Since the creation of film, the theater has been ever competing with its younger sibling in spectacle and in movement toward an increasingly reality-based drama. As often is the case with competitors, these two separate art forms have been traveling down the same path, reflecting one another all the while in both acting and production style. As a result, we now expect that for every good play a film will surely follow and that some films will make the "leap" to Broadway (without losing an ounce of reality).
Realism in Western Theater is a relatively new phenomenon that began at the turn of the last century and has had its hold ever since. The movement grew out of a reaction to its time, when the Romantic and Melodramatic forms had become stilted and there was a constant repetition of style and fettered theatrics.
Since the birth of Realism, audiences have expected art to reflect our lives in growing detail, often to the point of blurring the lines between the two. However, theater itself is dying under this pressure to excel in Realism. The theater simply cannot compete economically or realistically with film. The theater needs to return to its foundation of challenging an audience's imagination by allowing them to enter an alternative reality of subtleties and metaphors where animals can talk and a person can fly. These are more than accepted conventions in the theater -- they are the very strengths of the art form.
The theater is an incomplete art form; it depends upon an audience's imagination to fill in the blanks. Accepting the limitations of the stage, which when all is said and done is an empty surface to which we bring sets, costumes, and an assortment of theatrical devices, an audience is able to make a "leap of faith". Just as the theater challenges an audience to accept that a backdrop is actually a vast forest, we are in favor of works that challenge an audience to find the magic that occurs in their every day life.
Tax-Deductible Donations
Our 501(c)3 not-for-profit status makes Adhesive Theater Project eligible for tax-deductible donations, upon which we depend for providing quality theater at low cost.  You can

online via a secure transaction using PayPal.  A PayPal account is not required for you to use this service.  A receipt for your tax records will be provided.
Alternatively, contact us via email to discuss how you might help to support our activities.
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Adhesive Theater Project is generously supported by the New York State Council on the Arts, the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the J. P. Morgan Chase Regrant Program, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC).

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