The New York Times praises The Service Road.
Only 2 performances left!
Dear Friends,
We received a great review in The New York Times this weekend!  You can read it and other reviews here.  We're gearing up for our closing weekend of Erin Courtney's The Service Road.  Tickets are going quickly so don't count on buying them at the door!  You can order tickets online or by calling 1-800-838-3006.
  • "The director, Meghan Finn, deftly strikes a balance between ingenious technology and Ms. Courtney's intimate script, marshaling the two into a resonant and captivating whole.  The play's internal order, however surreal, feels entirely complete." – The New York Times
  • "...a luscious treat for your eyes and ears... (a) mature reflection on the residual guilt many adults feel on surviving a difficult childhood." – Cultural Capitol
  • "...the arts of performance and stagecraft gorgeously connect, plucking your heartstrings and causing your senses to tingle." – TheatreMania
  • "...a visceral treat... Lovers of art and technology would be wise to visit The Service Road." – Theater Is Easy
  • "...brimming with design talent...outstanding." –
  • "...a lovely, unique experience." – The Arts Wire
  • "...haunting and genuine." – New York Theatre Review
  • "...a beautiful art piece" – Brooklyn Exposed
We look forward to seeing you at the theater.
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 1 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 2 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 3
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 4 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 5 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 6
Adhesive Theater Project
In residence at The New York City College of Technology presents:
The Service Road
by Erin Courtney
Directed by Meghan Finn
Featuring  Cory Einbinder*, Kalle Macrides
Claire Moodey and Caroline Tamas
With live foley by Mark Bruckner and Claire Moodey
Voorhees Theater
New York City College of Technology (CUNY)
186 Jay St, DUMBO, Brooklyn
Map & Directions
Only Two More Performances:
Friday        February 1st    7:30pm
Saturday   February 2nd   2:00pm
Get Tickets Online
or by calling 1-800-838-3006 (toll free)
$15 general     $6 students
Meet Our Creative Staff
Performer and Puppeteer Caroline Tamas talks about her role in The Service Road.
 “We are in a time of fast change in the theater and it is especially exciting to incorporate images and mediums of art that we deal with in our everyday lives – so to bring video and 3-dimensional art pieces to life within the confines of a play seems very appropriate.  The toddler was a great challenge and joy to work with because I've never had the sensation of trying to do so many things at once.  First of all, he has a particular way of moving and it took some time to really feel that out and move with him.  I played with watching myself in a mirror at home and then coming into rehearsal and experimenting with ways he could similarly express emotion through movement while maintaining his youthfulness.  Next, I had to learn how to express through the camera unit while keeping in mind where to look when it was on my head because I quickly learned through our creative team that what I needed to see to get around in the space was not necessarily parallel to what the toddler was seeing and looking at.  It's a tricky balance of knowing your space well enough that you can navigate through instinct and peripheral vision so that your intent is as if you are the character yourself even though the real character is the 3 foot large-headed puppet attached to you.
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 8 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 7 Caroline Tamas' Biographical Sketch
 “The biggest challenge ultimately was putting the two parts together: puppet and camera and then remembering all the technical elements while being fully immersed in the emotional space of the character and the world so that I could act the scenes as if the toddler and I were one person.  In other words: keep flow within my body, remember the movement of all parts of the puppet, hear and see what the toddler is experiencing, stay engaged with his emotional state, listen to my fellow actors in the scene and most importantly, don't fall down doing it!
 “With the tree children, there are less moving parts so the challenges are a little more focused on film techniques as if doing a film entirely in extreme close-up.  Initially we had a stationary camera set-up for the tree children.  I sat in a designated space and had very limited movement of my head and body.  If I didn't stick to that space I would fall out of frame.  For this production, Cory and Erin Grabe developed a wonderful camera helmet that stays on my head the entire length of the show so that no matter where I am or what else I am doing, I am in frame.  The challenge with the tree children has mostly been keeping in mind that because my face is projected and distorted onto egg shapes, my facial expressions have to constantly change in exaggeration as I perform some of the more poetic writings of the play.
 “The most surprising part of the process has been hearing how the audience reacts to these projected characters.  With the tree children they are gratifyingly disturbed and scared, and with the toddler, they seem truly moved and emotionally attached to his little journey.  We've succeeded in presenting characters that are shown in multi-media form as real and present!
 “Lastly, I can only do this because of the incredible team that Adhesive has put together.  Erin Grabe has truly been my right hand woman this whole process making sure that each little thing was in place and she is a wondrous one-woman DIYer.  Cory's genius ideas and constant re-inventing has been a true joy to work alongside as well as Kalle's care and Meghan's vision.  Then, when Claire Moodey stepped in to partner with me for two of the toddler scenes it really opened up possibilities for larger things like when he jumps off the platform of the stage onto the deck.  She has been such a pleasure and inspiration to work alongside.  So that's how I do it!  It seems to me that Adhesive really embodies the name with which it presents itself because it has brought together such a wonderful team of artists.”
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Cory Einbinder
Artistic Director
Kalle Macrides
Executive Director
Adhesive Theater Project

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