A Herculean Thanks!
Dear Friends,
First off, we want to thank all of you who worked on and supported our production of The Service Road, from the fantastic student crews and dedicated staff at the NYC College of Technology, to our amazing design team and fabulous cast, to our faithful supporters and donors:  we couldn't have been named New York Times Critics' Pick and TimeOut NY Best Bet without you (see what reviewers wrote).
Cast and Crew for Erin Courtney's 'The Service Road'
We also wish to thank all of you who came out to DUMBO to see the show, and to apologize to those of you who were turned away:  we really wish we could have accommodated everyone.
After the final performance, the audience came down to ride the carousel and "picnic" with us in the "park."
Audience party's at close of Erin Courtney's 'The Service Road'
We can't speak highly enough of the residency program at the NYC College of Technology.  The school has an arsenal of technology, a militia of expert professors, and a crack-team of gung-ho students.  Be it theater, dance, music, performance art, or interactive live media, we wholeheartedly recommend the residency.  Visit http://theatreworkscitytech.org/collaborate/ to see if your project is a good match for the program.
More good news:  an article Cory wrote about designing and constructing the video puppet was accepted for publication in the 2013 United States Institute for Theater Technology (USITT) Biennial Tech Expo Catalog.  The Big Headed Toddler himself will be displayed at the 2013 USITT Conference and Stage Expo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 1 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 2 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 3
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 4 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 5 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 6
Scenes from The Service Road
Meet Our Creative Staff
Erin Grabe, Special Projects, talks about her role in The Service Road.
 “My role in The Service Road has varied throughout the production process, with my main contribution coming in the form of a prop, simply referred to as the carousel.  Early on I was involved with implementing and troubleshooting the video projection system used for the Tree Children and, in between classes and projects, I collaborated with the prop crew on some of their projects, including the geese, the big-headed toddler and the ghost dog.
Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 7 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 8 Adhesive Production: 'The Service Road' by Erin Courtney Scene 9 Erin Grabe's Biographical Sketch
 “The carousel was the culmination of my studies in the Entertainment Technology Department at NYC College of Technology.  For this, a stool, an old patio umbrella, an even older bike, and some metal tubing came together to form a one-of-a-kind prop that defies categorization – falling not solely under the jurisdiction of the prop, scenery, lighting, or automation departments.  It is a bicycle pedal-powered carousel, operated in the show by a carousel operator named Linus (played by Adhesive's Artistic Director, Cory Einbinder), that spins him in his seat using roller chain, friction-fit to a timing belt.  The mechanics of the system saw many revisions under the guidance of Technical Director John McCullough, and ultimately married the found-object style that Cory was looking for with the reliability and safe-operation necessary for onstage use.  The bicycle power is redirected using a 1:1 right angle drive gear, the bulbs around the umbrella are S6, 6 watt, 120V mini-candelabra base wired in parallel and the lamp that produces the silhouettes of the carousel horses on the floor is a Q150CL/DC.  One of my biggest challenges was staying under the $500 budget.  The item that put me over budget?  The copper bell that Cory had to have!”
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