Kalle Macrides  
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Eyes:  Green      Hair:  Brown      Height:  5'3"
Headshots:  http://www.adhesivetheater.com/kalle/
Education Resume     Playwright Resume
The Service Road
 Voorhees Theatre
 (NYTimes Critics' Pick & TimeOutNY Best Bet)
Mr. Bungle and the Incident
 at LambdaMOO
 Legba, Rosie
 Dixon Place
 (Eric Nightengale, dir)
A Meditation On The Misan-
 thrope: 10 Years Later
 Narissa, Drunk
 East 13th Street
 (Bring A Weasel And A Pint
  Of Your Own Blood Festival)
I, Object!
 Computer Woman
 The Brick Theater
 (A Theater Festival / Adhesive Theater Project)
R.U.R.: A Futurist Folk Opera
 Multiple Roles
 Spring Theatreworks
 (Adhesive Theater Project)
Hysteria: HYSTERIA
 Multiple Roles
 The Stable
 (Big Dance Theater)
 Teatro LA TEA
 (Adhesive Theater Project)
Volume of Smoke
 Multiple Roles
 Kraine Theater
 (Clay McCleod Chapman)
Les Mauvais Garcons
 HERE Arts Center
 (Adhesive Theater Project)
Spring Awakening
 Martha, Frau Gabor
 Center Stage
 (Adhesive Theater Project)
The Battles of Coxinga
 Mother, Empress
 The Piano Store
 (Pure Pop Festival / Adhesive Theater Project)
 Aria, HiLo Quo
 Nada Classic
 (Adhesive Theater Project)
 Show World
Richard III
 Richard of York
 Nada Classic
 (Untitled Theater Co.#61)
The Rock
 Washington Square Methodist Church
Ten Nights in a Bar-room
 Mehitable Cartright
 Nada Classic
 (Pure Pop Festival / Gemini CollisionWorks)
Miss Universal Happiness
 Talk Show Host
 Nada Classic
 (Foreman Festival / Gemini CollisionWorks)
Larry and the Werewolf
 Bela, Harlequin
 Nada Classic
 (Gemini CollisionWorks)
Roar of the Twenties
 Nada Classic
 (Yvonne Conybeare, dir.)
A Midsummer Night's Dream
 Harry Warren Theater
Red Handed
 Ethel Rosenberg
 Cannon Theater
 (Dan Hurlin, dir.)
A Full Moon in March
 Swine Herder
 Workshop Theater
 (Earnest Abuba, chor.)
Alice in Concert
 Door Mouse
 Workshop Theater
 Reisinger Theater
 (Kevin O'Keefe, dir.)
A... My Name is Alice
 Demi God
 Forum Theater
Fables & Stories
 Various Roles
 Worcester Children's Theater
Acting Technique / Sensory
 Kevin Confoy, Shirley Kaplan / Karen Wohl
Scene Study
 Chris Ceraso, Liz Swain
 Eloise Watt
 Fanchon Sheier, Christine Farrel, David Mathew Prior
Alexander Technique / Theater Movement
 June Ekman / Fay Simpson
 Eddy Pierce-Young, Carol Wilson, Dave Hoffman
Vocal Production
 Kate Wilson, Sterling Swann (Carl Stough Technique)
Performance Composition
 Carmelita Tropican
Play Writing / Fiction / Poetry
 Cassandra Medley / Susan Daitch, John Hodgen / Kevin Pilkington
Michael Howard Studios ~ Summer Intensive
M.F.A., Brooklyn College, Creative Writing (concentration in Playwriting)
            * Dr. Milton L. Kleinman '38 Memorial Scholarship for Outstanding Academic Achievement recipient
M.A., New York University, Performance Studies
            * Paulette Goddard Scholarship recipient
B.A., Sarah Lawrence College, Acting
Kung Fu (USA Shaolin Temple), Japanese Dance (Sachiyo Ito), Ballet/Tap/Jazz,
Clowning, Gymnastics, Aerobics Instructor, Driver License, Conversational Spanish